About Zak

Zak Kann, owner of zakkann.com

I’m a PhD, startup founder, and data scientist.

But that doesn’t matter.

Here’s what I believe in.

Where Entrepreneurship and Stories Meet

The best stories transform the way we think about the world. 

They exist in a place that connects where we are with where we could be.

But what does that have to do with entrepreneurship?

As entrepreneurs, we are problem-solvers.

We embrace the most epic challenges in the world

We are the heroes at the center of our tales. 

We love to play the role of Hercules.

Our heroic tales build the brand of our company.

They pull investors and employees into our fold.

But they aren’t the right way to bring in customers.

Customers aren’t looking for a Hercules.

After all, your customers are leading their own epic tales.

Become a Character in Their Story Instead

Instead of trying to sell them on your story, you need to join theirs.

Become a secondary character in the tale that they are writing.

That’s what they are actually looking for.

You don’t have to give up your own story to make that happen.

When Tony Stark appears in Spiderman, he’s not the focal point.

But he’s still Tony Stark.

That’s what you need to be to your customers.

Let the focus be on them.

Let the story be about their needs and their problems.

Just make sure they know how much better their story is with you in it.

Where Do I Fit Into Your Story?

I love stories.

I love reading them.

I love writing them.

I love remixing them.

I want to hear your story, and I want to hear your customers’ stories.

Then, I want to help you merge them.

I could get into the details of how I do that, but why read the footnotes before the story?

Feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you – whether you are Hercules, Tony Stark, or just an ordinary hero on your way to become a legend.

Getting a Little Personal

I left a six-figure salary for the startup world.

I left the startup world to become a writer.

Why? Because I had stories to tell.

For more on my personal story, I suggest reading about my struggle to find who I am and the story of the lessons I learned from my first startup.